My Websites

I've developed and maintain a few websites for friends over that past few years, just for completeness I decided I ought to document the fact (displaying another string to my bow - so to speak).

  • Rainydayz (this site) - my personal website.
    • Miniz - a sub-domain of this, which I use for testing and development.
  • - my wife's website, currently underutilised, but we have plans to take advantage of her cross-stitching skills.
  • Renegade Minis - the club site for the Mini club of which I'm a member.
  • Anime Girls - for my daughter, a hobby site.
  • Driving Laine S.O.M. - a site for a lifelong friend of my wife who runs a driving school.
  • FixIt Bodyworks - a site for the bodyshop responsible for the bodywork and respray of my car.